What can a website do for you?

A website can do a lot of things for you and your business. It will advertise your business, it will collect contact information from people who are interested in what your website has to say about your business. It will often be the first step in bringing new clients to your business. It will give your brand more exposure.


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 Website services

A lot of times a typical 5 page website includes a home page that features a home page slide show with click-able slides that link to your other sites pages. The site will often include a contact page that will email you, when a visitor submits their information. These features are included in 3DSands websites. Custom navigation bar and menu placement are other features available. Web development and design services for all pages for $500. The annual hosting and domain name management fee for 2017 is about $150. This is an annual fee and may change depending on your site's needs.  

Many options pertaining to how you wish the content of your website to be uploaded and updated are possible and negotionable. For instance if you want a website that will showcase your business products but do not want to handle updating content on your own, then you would want to consider our website maintennance, design and file upload fee. Perhaps you want to run your website entirely on your own and would like to work with me on developing, designing your site. Then you would want me instruct you how to use your site until your are comfortable handling site on your own. I would welcome any combinations of the aforementioned scenarios and am currently looking for clients. Please go to the contact form in the top menu of this site to let me know your website needs.

Additional 3DSands website services you may need:

General website costs    
3 - 10 page website for your business   $300 - $1000
each additional webpage   $100
Additional CMS features avaialble    
User Login System    $400 
Blog   $300
Gallery   $100
Store with Paypal   $500
Fees billed monthly
Hourly website maintennnace, design and file upload fee (billed every month)   $20
Hourly training charge   $20


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